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Service Administration

SA01:  Development, ratification, distribution and review of policies and procedures 
SA02:  Risk management policy & strategy impact assessment
SA03:  Reporting, management and review of adverse incidents 
SA04:  Management/use of payments to Trust staff  for their involvement in commercially funded projects 
SA05:  Reporting, management and investigation of claims incl property expenses & impact assessment 
SA06:  Service user complaints & impact assessment
SA07:  Health, safety and welfare 
SA08:  Fire safety & impact assessment 
SA09:  Participation of Service Users and Carers
SA10:  Clinical risk assessment tools (to be applied in conjunction with  portfolio of risk assessment tools)
SA11:  Manual handling 
SA12:  Domestic abuse
SA13:  Being open & impact assessment
SA15:  Food hygiene  
  Cleaning Standards
SA19:  Management of medical devices 
SA20:  Smoke free 
SA21:  Identification, management and exploitation of intellectual property 
SA22:  Waste Management   
SA24 Development and review of information for service users and carers & impact assessment 
SA26:  Use of bed rails 
SA27:  Dealing with External Recommendations Specific to the Organisation & impact assessment 
SA28:  Management and control of legionella bacteria in water services 
SA29:  Management of Security Systems 
SA30:  Slips Trips and Falls & impact assessment 
SA31:  Major Incident Plan
SA32:  Systematic Approach to the Analysis & Learning from Incidents, Complaints and Claims
SA33:  Reviewing and Implementing the Recommendations of National Confidential Enquiries/Inquiries
SA34:  Corporate Environment Policy & impact assessment
:  Use of Taxis to Conduct Official Business Undertaken on Behalf of the Trust & impact assessment
SA36:  Identification of Service Users & impact assessment
SA37:  Assistance Dog Procedure
SA38: Service Provision to Young People Aged Under 18
SA39: Clinical Audit Policy 
SA40:  Equality Monitoring with implimentation plan

Guidance Document of Support / Information Available for Staff Following Involvement in Complaints, Claims, Incidents and Inquests

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Human Resources

HR01:  Disciplinary procedures 
HR02:  Grievance procedures & impact assessment
HR03:  Flexible working &  impact assessment 
HR04:  Leave for personal & family reasons & impact assessment 
HR05:  Learning & development for staff within Mersey Care 
HR06:  Concerns at work about patient care/business misconduct (whistleblowing) & impact assessment 
HR07:  Management of attendance 
HR08:  Verification of statutory registration of temporary and permanent staff 
HR09:  Zero tolerance
HR10:  Equality
HR11:  Capability  & impact assessment
HR12Handling concerns about the conduct, performance and health of medical staff 
HR13:  Stress prevention and management in the workplace & impact assessment
HR14:  Dignity and respect at work - prevention of harassment & bullying at work & impact assessment
HR15:  Lease car  
HR16:  Disclosure and Barring Service Checks (CRB) 
HR19:  Organisational change  & procedure 
HR20:  Career break  
HR21:  Recruitment and selection
HR23:  Management and production of staff rosters
HR24:  Travel and subsistence & impact assessment 
HR25:  Management of Alcohol and Substance Misuse by Staff
HR26:  Volunteers  (to be read in conjunction with the Volunteer Handbook)
HR27:  Supporting Disabled Employees
HR28: Induction and Mandatory Training & training needs analysis document
HR29: Occupational Health
HR30: Revalidation, Medical Appraisal and Job Planning 

Maternity Paternity Guidelines 
Night Worker Health Assessment Form 
Personal Responsibiity Framework
Guidelines for Tape Recording Interviews
Annual Leave Procedure & Impact Assessment
NMC Referral Guidance

Retirement Process

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FO1:  Standing orders 
FO2:  Standing financial instructions
FO3:  Scheme of reservations and delegations 
FO4:  Standards of Business Conduct 
FO6:  Anti-Fraud and Corruption Policy   

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Information Management, Technology & Governance

IT01:  Registration authority  
  IM&T Security (including links to security standards) 
IT03:  Use of mobile phones by service users in in-patient areas
IT04:  Record management  
IT06:  Health records 
IT10:  Confidentiality and information sharing  
IT11:  Data Quality & impact assessment
  Information Governance 
IT13:  Freedom of Information
IT14: Data Protection Act Policy
IT15: Clinical Coding  

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Service Delivery

SD01:  Leave for an informal inpatient
SD02:  Death of a service user 
SD03:  Lone working 
SD04:  Management of clinical risk through supportive observation 
Service users missing from an inpatient area & impact assessment
SD06:  Consent to examination or treatment (to be read/applied in conunction with Department of Health Reference Guide to Consent to Examination or Treatment)
SD07:  Resuscitation
SD08:  Managing community access; including DNA's/cancellation/booking/waiting times/ choose & book  
SD10:  Copying clinical correspondence to service users 
SD11:  Use of Rapid Tranquillisation 
SD12:  Handling of medicines 
SD13:  Safeguarding and protection of children
              (for the CQC easy read Safeguarding Children document please click the link below)
SD15:  Health & risk assessment management (H-RAMM) multi-agency public protection (MAPPA)  
             & impact assessment
SD16:  Introducton of all new interventions 
SD17:  Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults from Abuse (plus easy-read policy in appendices)
              & impact assessment
             (to be read/applied in conjunction with: Sefton Safeguarding Adults Policy & Procedural Framework 2011 the Liverpool City Council Procedural Framework for Safeguarding Adults 2013 and Safeguarding Adults Procedure Knowlsey 
SD18:  Recognition, prevention and therapeutic management of aggression and violence
SD19:  Advance statements & advance decisions 
SD20:  Searching of service users, their rooms, possessions, personal property and ward area
SD21: Care Programme Approach & impact assessment 
SD22: Children Visiting MCT Site 
SD23:  Young carer's assessment & care planning 
SD25:  Management of service users with a dual diagnosis of mental health needs & learning disability   
SD28:  Seclusion 
SD29:  Physical health care of service users & impact assessment 
SD30:  Management of Dysphagia  
SD31:  Removal of ligatures 
SD32:  Staff action following concerns regarding weapons in the community 
SD33:  Supervision
SD34:  Venepuncture Policy    
SD36:  Use of unlicensed medicines
SD37:  Dual Diagnosis related to mental illness/illicit substance misuse/alcohol use
SD38:  Suicide Prevention 
SD39:  Carers 
SD40:  Discharge/Transfer Policy
SD41: Transfer of Care
SD42: Administration of Acupuncture 
SD43: Prevent  

Situation / Exception Report Template
Enteral Feeding 2012 Guidance
Section 117 - Aftercare under the Mental Health Act 1983 & Equality Impact Assessment

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Infection Control

IC01: Infection prevention and control 
IC02: Inoculation Injuries & impact assessment & BBV Injury and Management Form

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Mental Health Act

MH01:  MHA 1983 Overarching Policy 
MH16:  Inter-agency policy and procedure for Section 136   

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Mental Capacity Act

MC01:  Mental Capacity Act Overarching Policy
MC04:  Implementation and Management of the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards within the Meaning
             of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 & impact assessment    

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All corporate procedural documents should be written in line with the Corporate Policy and Procedure for the Development, Ratification, Implementation, Review and Archive of Mersey Care NHS Trust Procedural Documents.
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Procedural Document Proposal Form
Procedural Document Structure and Format Guidance
Implementation Plan Template

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