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Protected Characteristic - Race


The equality Act 2010 has simplified the process of understanding equality legislations by bringing them all under one single piece of legislation. (Equality Act 2010).  It also changed the term equality strands to protected characteristics.

In reference to someone belonging to race as protected characteristic can now include colour, nationality, ethnic or national origins.

To treat anyone unfavourably based on any of the above could be seen as discrimination based on race.

To view more information about this protected characteristic the following links may be useful.

BME resource guide in supporting people

Black Mental Health UK 

Inside Outside: Improving mental health services for Black and minority ethnic communities in England

BME Timeline  describes the events of overwhelming difference to healthcare in the UK that people from different races contributed to UKs NHS.

People Seeking Asylum

Asylum Seekers are people who are seeking refuge in the UK under the United Nation Convention (Status Of Refugees 1951).

The Equality Act 2010 does not specifically mention asylum seekers or refugees but the Protected Characteristics defined in the Act would offer protection from discrimination as applied to the individual.

The Human Rights Act 2010 offer greater protection for people seeking asylum/refugee status in the UK. 

A Guide for Mental Health and Social Care Working with people seeking asylum and refuge March 2016.  A guide for professionals in Merseyside was launched on Friday 25th November 2011, this has now been updated  and can be accessed electronically from this page.  This document has been produced in partnership between Liverpool PCT Community Development Workers and Mersey Care NHS Trust. It includes the clinical care pathway for people seeking Asylum.  The guide wil be updated in accordance with changes in legislation and practice and will not be offered in hard copy as it is anticipated that  changes will take place soon.

Further information can be obtained from the Liverpool Asylum Info for Churches Directory.  This direfctory helps people seeking asylum by signposting organisations that offer practical help, advise and expertise.  These include sections on Destitution Help and Advice, Practical Help, Support and Advice. It also provides information around practical help, advice, support and social activities for women and children seeking asylum. Praxis community projects can be found online.

Forced Marriage

Forced marriage is particularly prevelant among the Asian Community.  Guide issued by The Race Equality Foundation entitled Forced Marriage and mental health    

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