Think for yourself: Chief Executive Joe Rafferty's latest update

Leadership Forums


I’d like to start this week’s blog with positive news from the recent leadership forums that have taken place around the trust recently. These forums are held to inform managers of Mersey Care’s plans and how we plan to move forward as an organisation, who in turn will then inform their own teams and the implications for them.

As part of those forums we want your ideas to keep Mersey Care at the forefront of innovation and ideas that can keep improving standards for mental health care. By that I don’t mean big ideas that will revolutionise healthcare in this country – although feel free to promote them if you have any – but quite often a few little changes can amount to more than the sum of their parts.

If you take the British Cycling Team as an example, I’m betting they don’t do an awful lot differently now than they did years ago before they started achieving consistent success at Olympics, World Championships and Commonwealth Games. What they will have done, however, is look at they way they go about their business and looked at little changes that, put together, can have an enormous difference.

That is where you all come in. There’s no one better to analyse how we do things than those of you who are out there on the frontline. You will know far more than I about the little things that can be changed that may amount to us improving significantly.

Since the acquisition of our new Specialist Learning Disability Division, our Mersey Care family has grown significantly and we now have over 5,000 staff. That’s a lot more brain power to come up with – just use the Tell Joe link at the end of this newsletter to forward me your ideas.


Positive Practice

Looking at ways at improving our methods is also something that is central to the Positive Practice Mental Health Initiative, of which I’m a member. The group seeks to look at best practice and ways of improving care standards and I had another constructive meeting with the founders, Tony and Angie Russell, this week.

 You will see from their website, which you can access here, what they are trying to do, and how much they care about mental health standards.

 Life Rooms


At Mersey Care we always try to provide people with the best opportunities to improve their lives. Many of you will know about how we have transformed Walton Library into a new centre for learning, recovery, health and wellbeing. Outpatients and their family members, not forgetting staff, can be directed to the Life Rooms or the website to access and range of courses and information sessions.

The interior has been extensively refurbished and the beautiful historic building is well worth a visit, which can be seen by this film of the building, while you can also book spaces for team meetings or away days.

It became part of our estate after becoming available when Liverpool City Council reduced its library services. We hope to develop it into a real community service with a library service being run alongside a range of Recovery College courses, employment workshops and opportunities for service users, their carers and the wider community challenging stigma and promoting positive mental health and wellbeing.

We are looking to develop partnerships with existing organisations to enhance the experiences we offer people. The Life Rooms can offer Recovery College, volunteering and employment services. We are also working with GPs to discuss how together we may explore people with their mental health recovery and wellbeing. Further information can be found by emailing: LifeRooms@merseycare.nhs