Recovery College courses


At the Recovery College we listen to our students and our curriculum is designed by their suggestions which means we regularly update our curriculum.


The Mersey Care Recovery College aims to break down perceived barriers of ‘them’ and ‘us’. Everyone who attends a course at the Mersey Care Recovery College is classed as a ‘student’ and not a ‘service user’ or a ‘professional’. And as such you will have equality with all other students regardless of background. A discrimination-free environment designed to encourage everyone to learn together and from each other.

At the heart of the Mersey Care Recovery College and all of our courses and learning programmes is co-production, where we harness the knowledge and expertise of professional experts PLUS  individuals with lived experience of a mental health condition, addiction or learning disability to help is to both design AND deliver the courses.

The power of this truly collaborative approach enhances the learning experience and improves outcomes for all. When the people attending courses also include people with a professional and lived experience the learning is further enhanced as trainers and students learn from each other.


The Mersey Care Recovery College offers a range of courses for ANYONE whose lives are touched by a mental health condition, an addiction or learning disability. So whether you use services, care for someone who does, or you work in services, we have a choice of courses that are right for you.


Courses are FREE of charge to eligible students.


Our timetables are available on or call us on 0151 478 6556 for more information.