Liverpool and South Sefton Community Services Policies and Procedures

This page provides links to policies created on 1 April 2018 in response to the acquisition of Liverpool Community Health. They provide policy guidance in relation to community services.

The date for review detailed on the front of all our policies does not mean that the document becomes invalid from this date. The review date is advisory and the organisation reserves the right to review a policy at any time due to organisation/ legal changes.  

Staff are advised to always check that they are using the correct version of any policies rather than referring to locally held copies. The most up to date version of all Trust policies can be  found on this webpage.  

Policies and procedures:

6 Clinical handover of care
9 Vaccination and Immunisation Policy Final
10 Falls
16 Delivery of Emergency Care Outside WICs
18 Bed Rail Policy
20 Zoledronic Acid Guidelines
25 Intravenous Antibiotic Policy
27 Medicines Policy for Special Schools
30 Digitial Photography Policy
32 Cold Chain Policy
33 Blood Glucose Monitoring Policy
36 Infant Feeding Policy 
38 Controlled Drugs
39 Verification of Death
45 Shared Decision Making Guidelines
49 Guideline for fitting the Interpretations of X-Rays by Nurse Practitioners in LCH WICS
51 Ear irrigation Policy
54 Blood Platelet Transfusion Policy
55 Fungated Wounds
60 LCH DNA Framework
66 Hyper Granulation Guidelines
72 Policy for the Administration of Low Molecular Weight Heparin (LMWH) by Registered Nurses
74 Overarching Hydration Policy
75 Pressure Ulcer Guideline
76 Guideline for Assessment, Management and Prevention of Leg Ulceration
77 Assessment and Management of Infected Wounds
81 Topical Negative Pressure (including Vacuum Assisted Closure)
82 Bladder and Bowel Manual
84 Clinical Policy for the Subcutaneous Administrations of Drugs via a Syringe Driver
85 Subcutaneous Rehydration Guidelines
89 Medicines Overarching Policy
93 IV Antibiotics for Patients with Cellulitis
94 Point of Care Testing HIV
101 Policy for Transition of Children and Young People to Adult Service
102 Peripheral Cannulation Policy
104 End of Life Policy
106 Paracetamol Homely Remedy Protocol 31/05/2019
108 Children in Care Policy
109 Administration of Inactivated Influenza Vaccine
121 Wound Asssement Guideline
122 Wound Debridement Guideline
130 Administration Of Insulin in the Community Policy
131 DVT and VTE Management Policy
132 Blood Pressure Measuring Monitoring
136 Injection Policy
163 Venepuncture Guidelines
166 Chaperone

173 Intoxicated Patient Guidelines
175 Discharge
176 Protocol for the Administration of Inactivated Influenza Vaccine to Adults by Registered Nurses via Patient Specific Direction

LCH Corp 8 Driving Safely at Work Guidelines
LCH Corp 10 Managing Violence and Abusive Incidents Policy
LCH Corp 11 Supporting Positive Attendance - Long Term Sickness Procedure
LCH Corp 12 Supporting Positive Attendance Policy
LCH Corp 13 Supporting Positive Attendance Toolkit 
LCH Corp 14 Supporting Positive Attendance Short Term Sickness Procedures
LCH Corp 22 Disciplinary
LCH Corp 23 Flexible Working
LCH Corp 24 Grievance
LCH Corp 25 Uniform Policy