It takes many hands to deliver our services, but just one to touch someone’s life. Care has always been at the heart of everything we do. Our ambition now is to deliver Perfect Care and become the world’s leading organisation delivering physical, mental health, addiction and learning disability care.

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The Centre for Perfect Care is the hub of quality improvement in Mersey Care. The Centre for Perfect Care was established in January 2014 and has been successful in challenging stigmatised attitudes towards suicide, reducing self harm and assaults and implementing the No Force First approach to reducing the use of restraint on our wards.


Building on this success, Mersey Care is aiming for a step change in improvement, whereby everyone feels that quality improvement is their business and continuous improvement is supported at every level, and in all roles in Mersey Care. To support continuous improvement in this way, it is important to see quality improvement activity as a continuum, ranging from our ability to improve care that falls below basic standards, right through to world-leading innovation, research and development.

The Centre supports teams to co-create a listening and learning culture which engages and empowers staff and people who use services, to drive improvements in safety, experience and effectiveness outcomes. It ensures our strategy and governance promote safety and quality throughout all levels of the organisation and there is board to team commitment, leadership, accountability and inspiration to deliver and grow high quality services.

The Centre is building the infrastructure to support improvement and align the organisation around our key priorities, delivery of our divisional operational plans and clinical challenges. The Centre is also focused on creating knowledge by combining research, practice and the experience of staff and service users and ensuring existing knowledge and research is shared widely and put into practice.

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To find out more about quality Improvement and get involved please contact one of the Centre for Perfect Care Team:

Perfect Care means:

  • Setting our own stretching goals for improvements in care rather than aiming to meet minimum standards set by other organisations
  • Getting the basics of care right every time
  • Making improvements to the care we provide because we know it’s the right thing to do for patients and because we care about the care that we provide
  • Helping our staff to try improvements, learn from their mistakes, and apply what works more rapidly.
  • Helping staff to innovate in ways that create better quality and outcomes for the people we serve whilst reducing cost.

Over the next five years we aim to develop services so that they are able to provide perfect care - care that is safe, effective, positively experienced, timely, equitable and efficient.  We have established a Centre for Perfect Care and Wellbeing, whose mission is to help our staff continuously improve the services we provide today, whilst addressing the physical, mental health, addiction, learning disability care and wellbeing challenges of the future.

We have made commitments to eliminate suicides among patients in our care; we also propose to try to eliminate depression, medication errors and falls. It’s a tall order but we believe we can do it.

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