Our vision, values and aims

Our vision is to strive for Perfect Care.

Perfect Care means:

  • Setting our own stretching goals for improvements in care rather than aiming to meet minimum standards set by other organisations.
  • Getting the basics of care right every time.
  • Making improvements to the care we provide because we know it’s the right thing to do for patients and because we care about the care that we provide.
  • Helping people to try improvements, learn from their mistakes, and apply what works more rapidly.
  • Helping our people to innovate in ways that create better quality and outcomes for the people we serve whilst reducing cost.

Our goals for zero suicides for people in our care, no force first (zero physical or medication-led restraint), physical health and a just culture are all about providing perfect care for the people we serve.

To access the easy-read version of our values and priorities please click HERE.

 Our values are those of:

  • Continuous improvement
  • Accountability
  • Respect
  • Enthusiasm
  • Support


Our Strategy is summarised in the ‘wheel’ shown above.


Our services – this is all about how we will improve the quality of our services, and strive to provide safe, timely, effective, equitable and person-centred care every time, for every service user.

Every day, this means getting the basics of care right consistently, repeatedly and predictably.  For example when a service user receives information about their appointment, when medication is dispensed or when care plans are produced.

Each of our trust’s clinical divisions work to transform our services.  This means changing our models of care and how care is provided in order to deliver improvements in quality and cost. 

For example over the last three years we have improved our buildings (such as Clock View), strengthened our recovery pathways (Life Rooms and the recovery college) and changed the way that we work in both local and secure services (for example, investing in psychological approaches in local services and changing our rehabilitation services in high secure services and also starting the transforming care programme in our specialist LD services).

Our people – we can’t get the basics of care right or transform our services without the support of our front line teams.  This is all about supporting our staff to do the best job that they can and working alongside service users and carers to design our future services together. Our PACE (system for PDRs) and Strive, Thrive and Drive leadership programmes are all ways in which we support our staff. 

Our resources – demand for our services is growing each year and people are often more unwell when they come into contact with Mersey Care.  We have to continue to provide high quality services within a tighter budget.  This is all about making sure that we spend every penny in the best way possible.  Every member of staff can help us to this every day by looking after Mersey Care’s resources like they would their own.  We also develop our building and IT systems to help to provide the best care possible and help our staff do the best job they can.  For example, we are developing plans for a new Medium Secure Unit in Maghull and implementing new clinical information systems.

Our future  - It is important that the trust looks to the future to grow and develop our services, building on research and innovation from our staff.  We want to take opportunities to work with primary care, to join up physical and mental health care and to work closely with other mental health and learning disability trusts.  Every member of staff can propose innovative ideas to improve Mersey Care’s services, either by discussing ideas with their team or manager, or even directly with the Chief Executive.