Staff Governors

One medical member

Dr Sayed Ahmed

I am a specialty doctor working in the Mersey Care Foundation Trust, Whaley (previously Calderstones Partnership NHS Foundation Trust). I was elected as a member of council of Governors for Calderstones in July 2015. I regularly attended Governors meetings and participated in various activities. My main focus as a member of governors was to guide the trust board to improve quality assurance and high standard service delivery. I always considered patients first, listened to the patients and their family's view and involved multidisciplinary team to improve the standard of service delivery. CQC inspection recommended Calderstones as "Outstanding ". My journey as a member of council of governors for Calderstones was very short because of closure of the Trust in 2016.

Besides my governorship role, as a member of medical team, I always thought about well-beings of the fellow colleagues, helped them to improve their knowledge and skills in various ways as SAS lead. I am an active member of BMA, SAS BMA representative for Mersey Care Foundation Trust. I am also a member of LNC representing Whaley site.

I have research background and involved in research activities in Calderstones, currently involved in genome project.

I would like to have your support to vote for me so that I could play my role as a member of governors to improve patient care, to help colleagues and staffs and to improve the standard of the trust.

Term ends 30 September 2020.

Three nursing staff members


Tracy Cummins

I am a Clinical Leader at Whalley MCT and have worked with the Trust for 23 years. I currently work within the Medium Secure service but have had various posts throughout my career, having started as a Nursing Assistant.

Within these varied roles I have been very passionate about both the service user’s and staff experience. Through leading on reducing restrictive practice within the Safewards and No Force First initiatives, creating an environment that is therapeutic for people’s needs. My strengths include motivating service users and staff members in developing awareness of Trust initiatives and notable successes have involved encouraging creating visual displays.

My passion for maintaining a meaningful private life that is filled with adventure and travel, leads to my focus on ensuring meaningful, planned therapeutic activities are delivered within the ward. Such activities have included facilitating rambles around the hills and valleys of  the local community, as well as monthly social events which create a togetherness and reduce barriers to therapeutic relationships.

Having recently been successful in becoming a governor for the Trust, I feel it’s a privilege and this gives leverage to learn and sharing good practice across Mersey Care. Also, getting to know more about the Trust’s plans for the service users and staff as the relocation of the wards from Whalley proceed, I feel I bring an understanding of the SLDD service users and can contribute to ensuring that a smooth transition is achieved.

Term ends 30 September 2020.

Gillian Davies

I am passionate and enthusiastic about getting the service right for all patients. I am confident to challenge and be challenged. I believe that staff are our greatest asset.

I began my Nursing career in 1991 and trained across a number of NHS services throughout Liverpool. I am a Registered General Adults Nurse and predominantly worked in the Royal Liverpool University Hospital. I initially worked on Vascular Surgery then became a Sister on Intensive Care.

After having my two children I desired a shift in focus and trained in Lancaster University to become a Health Visitor, working again across the whole of the city. I have performed as a Team Leader of Health Visiting and currently School Nursing. I have experience of Nursing across the lifespan of our patients.

I am proud to represent the Nursing staff of Mersey Care and be the voice of this constituency board facing. I never lose focus of keeping patients central to everything we do. I am passionate about ensuring the service is quality driven whilst maintaining efficiencies. Just entering Mersey Care as Liverpool Community Division places me in an ideal position to break down any barriers, say it as it is and strive to integrate our service into the Mersey care family. I strongly believe in valuing all staff and hope this role could give me an avenue to develop this, be the voice of the staff, challenge appropriately, celebrate our service, share and learn to become the best NHS provider we can be.

Term ends 30 April 2022.


One seat is currently vacant


Three other clinical, scientific, technical or therapeutic members

Paul Allen 

I believe that I am the right person to represent my Staff Constituency due to my past experience as a Governor of Calderstones and my many years’ service working for the NHS within Learning Disabilities and Mental Health areas.

I am a honest and hardworking individual who is keen to achieve the highest level of health care possible within the Trust for the benefit of all within the challenges we face in an ever changing world.

I would like to be part of influencing and championing real changes that will make a difference to Service Users life’s and that we ensure, regulatory, statutory legislative and citizenship responsibilities are always met and maintained.

Term ends 30 September 2020.

Dean Hegarty

I’m a community mental health support worker in Sefton and staff governor.

I travel around 150 miles a week on my bike, visiting people in their homes. I always try to help them to get out and about, sometimes we go for a bike ride. It can make a big difference to someone’s mood if they see the world outside. They’re on their own journey to recovery but we travel together.

I love working with people, helping them achieve their full potential. We do everything at their pace, step by step.

I’m also a carers’ champion – carers are so valuable to everyone else involved in someone’s care - we should listen to them and direct them to places where they can feel safe too.

I wanted to become a governor so I could put the viewpoints of staff to the people making decisions. I feel privileged to be able to look out for the people who work at Mersey Care.

Read and interview with Dean here:

Term ends 30 April 2022.

Gie Peneche

Keeping our service safe – is the driving force for my aspirations of becoming a staff governor. For me, providing safe patient care is not only about evidence based practise but also about the interaction, experience and the psychological safety of both patients and staff. It is therefore my passion to promote ideas and views, representing fellow colleagues and promoting better staff experiences; which in turn will improve the patient’s experience of service.

As one of the Just and Learning Ambassadors I am already part of cultivating an open, just and transparent culture. If elected, I will draw upon these skills to represent staff views, challenge decisions and ensure that issues specific to services will be addressed.

Through my experiences, I have amassed and have built resilience that makes me flexible, courageous and well-rounded individual. The challenges that I have personally experienced over physiotherapy career of 20 years, have taught me to find my voice and speak up when I needed to; make my own ethical decisions everyday no matter how much pressure is being placed on me and the lessons I have learnt from colleagues experiences.

Their wisdom is the reason why I enjoy the opportunity to collaborate.

My personal experiences and attributes have led me to believe that I would be well suited to be a governor and all that it entails. Furthermore, it is just simply to make a difference at a place where everyone is welcomed and I can only attain that with your support.

Term ends 30 September 2021.

One non clinical member

Karen Elliot

I have 30 years experience working in the health and social care sector, beginning my career as a practitioner supporting individuals who have historically experienced prejudice, discrimination and segregation to access appropriate health and social care services, building their confidence and skills to live more independently. 

For the past 16 years I have worked in Learning and Development supporting colleagues to continuously develop their knowledge and skills to deliver the best possible care and support to patients, service users and carers. 

I have worked for Mersey Care for 3 years and believe that Mersey Care have great values and principles.  In all core decisions patients are always put first and our staff members lead by example in representing the trusts values.

It is a great honour to be elected as a staff governor and I want to ensure that our staff members’ views are represented in the best possible way.  As a member of the Council of Governors I will represent the interests of members to hold the Chair and Non-Executive Directors to account for the performance of the Board of Directors through constructive challenge and partnership.

I am committed to and passionate about the transformation of health and social care services and the drive towards an integrated approach to address the needs of patients, service users, staff and the communities we serve. The NHS is going through great challenges and changes and I want to make sure that our members’ views can be represented in an effective manner in the Governing body.

My ambition is to work collaboratively with colleagues and the people we serve to advance the modernisation of health and social care services to deliver Perfect Care.

I am a dedicated individual with lots of energy and passion and I believe that I have the right blend of experience and values to represent our members appropriately to help drive the continued improvement that make a positive difference within the Trust.

Term ends 30 April 2022.