Foundation Trust Update

Mersey Care is rescheduling its application to become a foundation trust following

discussions with the NHS Trust Development Agency (TDA) and its request for more

detail on our plans for service development.

After the board to board meeting in August 2013, the agency said it was impressed by the trust’s clinical and business models and vision but asked for additional detail on plans for service development which include:  

  • the development of a secure campus on the Maghull site  
  • the reconfiguration of services to create two clinical divisions and a corporate hub   
  • increasing service efficiency and productivity by delivering care closer to home and wherever possible avoiding admission to hospital    
  • future plans for modernising the trust estate.

Along with a mandatory inspection by the Care Quality Commission, we resubmitted the integrated business plan in July 2014 ahead of a further board to board meeting with the TDA. Subject to TDA approval, the trust can then apply to Monitor for the final phase of the FT application process. To be authorised by Monitor, the trust must also elect a council of governors to hold non-executive members of the board to account and ensure the organisation is run in the best way possible in the future.

Achieving FT status is still seen as necessary to safeguard the future of Mersey Care and champion the interests of service users with a mental illness, learning disability or addiction.

To express an interest in becoming a governor, email or write to 

Membership Team 
c/o Communications 
Mersey Care NHS Trust 
V7 Building, Kings Business Park 
L34 1PJ

More information on the Monitor website at