Some of our residents and officers share their experiences on the Beacon:

“I’ve benefited and progressed and learned a lot more about myself and PD and things I couldn’t deal with in the past”.

“The Beacon is a supportive environment where I’m helped to reflect on my troubled past and getting support on how to make sense of it”.

“The staff respect you, when you need help you’ve got support from them”

It’s the easiest jail you’ll do and also the hardest”

“It’s a funny environment, it’s serious when it needs to be serious and the activities are fun and you get rep roles. The staff are fun to be around. They can have a laugh, it’s a more relaxed environment.”

“Try it, you’ve got nothing to lose.”

“Working on the Beacon can be challenging at times but can also be very rewarding. The thought of being influential in changing somebody else’s life can be profound.” Officer

“Give it a try. You get out of it what you put in.”

“It’s given me confidence to talk openly with clinical staff.”

“The Beacon has given me insights into my behaviours and the causes of them and a better understanding of my life. Living with individuals can be challenging but you’ve got to expect that in a unit like this.”

If you’re prepared to take a look at yourself and you want to change, it’s not going to be easy and at times frustrating, but if you persevere it will be worth it”