Referral Criteria


  • The prisoner’s offender manager (OM) is to be in the North of England (unless exceptional criteria).
  • The prisoner is to have a minimum of three years and less than 20 years to serve.
  • The prisoner and his offender manager (OM)/offender supervisor (OS) are to be in agreement with the referral.
  • The prisoner is to be aware of and be able to manage on normal location as the Beacon is not a vulnerable prison (VP) unit, ie the prisoner will be aware of and agreeable to living in a mixed offence environment (which includes men who have committed both violent and sexual offences).
  • The prisoner is to have a personality disorder or significant personality difficulties.
  • There has to be a clinically justifiable link between the prisoner’s personality needs and his risk/offending.
  • The prisoner has to be assessed as presenting a high likelihood of violent or sexual offence repetition and a high/very high risk of harm to self/others.
  • There has to be evidence of the prisoner’s ability to engage with and benefit from treatment.
  • The prisoner has to be motivated to come to the Beacon to address his needs and to make changes.
  • The prisoner’s co-morbid needs (mental illness/cognitive difficulties/autistic spectrum difficulties) must be stable and/or at a level to allow the prisoner to engage in and benefit from the programme.


  • Primary needs/diagnosis of mental illness, learning disability, cognitive difficulties, acquired brain injury, autistic spectrum disorder (ie these are primary factors for risk and/or at a level preventing Beacon engagement).
  • Primary/acute substance use needs, including ongoing/persistent misuse of prescribed medication.
  • Where prisoners may be in denial of their offence(s), the implications of this for their treatment, engagement and benefit from the Beacon will be considered.
  • Evidence of acute/imminent and persistent high risk to others/self, eg recent ongoing incidents of physical aggression/harm to others, persistent and severe self-injury.

Please note that prisoners who are in their parole window or less than three months away from their parole window opening cannot be accepted for referral.

Previous treatment

Given that we are a treatment service, we are interested to know how an individual has previously engaged with and benefitted from treatment.  We recognise that difficulties in this area can be the result of complex personality traits and therefore poor engagement is not an exclusion criterion.

Make a referral

We welcome enquiries from potential referrers. If you are considering making a referral for a prisoner, then please visit our make a referral page by clicking HERE.