Mental Health Innovation and Health technology workshop, 12 April 10am to 1pm

In person event with presentations and discussion groups around promising innovations and health technologies.

Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust and University of Liverpool would like to invite you to attend a workshop to identify priorities around promising innovations and health technologies designed to help people improve and manage their health.

However, new health care technologies are sometimes developed by organisations (universities, industry or start-ups) without a clear understanding of whether they are really needed by, or even suitable for the people they are proposed to help.

We will briefly describe and showcase some proposed innovations that range from digital health tools using the internet, worldwide web and smartphones through to wearable and sensor technologies, some of which are currently in early development. These technologies are proposed to have potential to improve the lives of people with mental and physical health conditions including assisting rehabilitation for people with brain injuries, those of us living with sleep disorders, helping adapt healthcare for neurodiverse people, improving cardiovascular (heart) health and to help people live independently in older age and assist those living with dementia.

We would like you to contribute your experiences and views on the technologies and their proposed applications to help us shape an agenda for further research and innovation.

Reserve your place by following this link.