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Family Nurse Partnership is a non-judgemental, voluntary home visiting programme, which supports first time young mums, aged 20 years or under, and some mums under 24 years who may benefit from additional support.

Health in pregnancy, and the quality of the care babies receive during the first years of life, can have a long lasting impact on a child’s future health, happiness, relationships and achievement of their aspirations. 

Through our Family Nurse Partnership programme, young mums are supported by nurses with specialist knowledge through structured home visits that start in early pregnancy, continuing until the child’s second birthday.

We understand that being a first-time young mum is a new experience and you may have lots of questions. Our programme is non-judgemental and strengths-based and our friendly and professional team will work with you to:

  • Have a healthy, happy pregnancy 
  • Help you develop your parenting knowledge and skills to support your child’s health and development
  • Improve your economic self-sufficiency, by helping you identify and achieve your aspirations (eg employment or returning to education)
  • Help you develop new skills so you can plan a great future for you and your baby 
  • Help you identify your strengths so you can set achievable goals for yourself
  • Build positive relationships with others

It’s up to you who is there at your visits, so if you want your baby’s dad to join in too that’s fine or you may choose to have another family member with you. 

Our service is a voluntary home visiting programme for first time young mums, aged 20 years or under. We also recruit some first time mothers up to the age of 24 years, who would benefit from this additional support.

Our service can work in partnership with other agencies to help support you and your baby at this time.

Women under the age of 20 and expecting their first baby are invited to join the programme if they are less than 28 weeks pregnant. You can be referred to the service by your healthcare professional (eg midwife) or you can contact the service directly. 

We will arrange a visit that is convenient for you at your home address and we can then explain what the Family Nurse Partnership programme involves and the support you and your baby would receive from having your own family nurse.

Family Nurse Partnership - 

Watch our short video ‘Lucy’s story’ around her positive experiences of using our Family Nurse Partnership service.

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