Liverpool Services

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Riverside Woolton, Aigburth, Garston,Gateacre and Allerton City Centre Croxteth andNorris Green Kensington Aintree Walton Everton and Anfield Childwall andWavertree West Derby Picton Speke and Belle Vale

Our aim for community care in Liverpool and Sefton is to work with all of our partners to ensure delivery of integrated community health and social care services to support local communities and local people to improve their own health and wellbeing. When people are ill or need support, they should receive the best possible joined up care.

We are in the process of enhancing current integrated community care teams (ICCTs) within each of the 12 neighbourhoods of Liverpool and the 4 localities in South Sefton. The ICCTs will work across organisations in a defined geographical area to improve the overall health and wellbeing of local people by:

  • Joining up health and care services
  • Providing more care out of hospital
  • Supporting people to manage their own health
  • Ensuring people are connected to what is available to support them in their local communities.

Health and social care professionals, GPs, the voluntary sector and community services are working as one team in each ICCT to improve the health and wellbeing of local people. They are focusing on helping people to manage long term conditions, improve access to information about healthier lifestyles, and provide more care out of hospital so that people can stay as well and as independent as possible. They will focus on helping people to stay well and work with local communities, empowering them to take a more active role in their health and wellbeing.

By understanding the challenges that each area faces and using the knowledge and experience of service users, the community can work together with health and care organisations to improve its health and wellbeing.

The 12 CCTs across Liverpool and the four localities in South Sefton have been formed around GP practice populations and have been developed in response to the changing needs of the population, including a growing elderly population with increasingly complex health needs. This means that people currently often spend longer in hospital than they need to, or are admitted to hospital when this could be avoided.

Engaging with local communities will play a key part in the success of ICCTs. Services will be developed and improved with communities - which means drawing on the knowledge, ability and resources of people and patients, as well as providers of health and social care and the voluntary sector. Liverpool has a number of diverse communities with differing health and social care needs and different demographics.

Each ICCT will develop services tailored to the different health and social care needs of the population (for example the people of Speke might have different health needs to the people of Kensington or Bootle). This recognises that communities and service users have valuable experiences and insight that can help shape future health and social care services.