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A new integrated service for people in North Mersey, based at a newly refurbished Stoddart House, has been launched following a joint project between Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust (MCFT) and Liverpool University Hospitals Foundation Trust (LUHFT).

The new service opens with 28 beds, and will develop into a 69-bed facility once the building fully opens and recruitment is completed in June 2021. It replaces the current Intermediate Care service being provided on Ward 35 at LUHFT’s Aintree University Hospital site.

The new facility includes Activities of Daily Living (ADL) kitchens, activity spaces as well as a range of single and dual occupancy rooms. It will serve patients needing ongoing nursing, therapy and reablement needs, working towards collaborative goals to support timely discharge. 

The service provides step down capacity from acute trusts for medically stable and optimised patients, who are those whose care and assessment can be continued at home or in a non-acute setting or they are ready to go home. It will also be open to patients needing step up care from community settings that require reablement or convalescence where alternative out of hospital home care has been exhausted.