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The Armistead Centre is a free and confidential support, information and sexual health promotion service for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) community. Support for street based sex workers is provided by Mersey Care across Liverpool.

We provide a safe space for LGBT groups, one-to-one support, harm reduction advice on lifestyle, support for parents and carers of LGBT people, counselling and rapid HIV testing.

To ensure our resources reach the areas in most need, the Armistead centre is temporarily changing the way the service operates.

Armistead group sessions are temporarily suspended, but support is still available via the Armistead helpline.

Groups and Clinics


  • Sexual Health Screening - free and confidential sexual health testing. Drop in or call 0151 247 6560 to make an appointment 2pm to 4.30pm


  • Sexual Health Screening - free and confidential sexual health testing. Drop in or call 0151 247 6560 to make an appointment 2pm to 8pm


  • Chemsex and harm reduction group - free condoms, lube, advice and guidance, relapse prevention. Drop in and have a chat between  5pm to 7pm

Armistead Outreach 

We provide LGBT needs focused outreach in clubs, bars, pubs, gay saunas, public sex environments (PSEs) and public sex venues across Liverpool. We carry free condoms and lube and sexual health information.

Armistead Street Team

The team promotes community based outreach services throughout the city of Liverpool, in the streets and in areas where women typically work offering sexual services. We offer free condoms, lubricants, information on sexual health and an emergency syringe exchange in house and via outreach.  

The Armistead Street Team works in the community in pairs. We always wear NHS identity badges and uniform with Armistead logo. 

We have a drop-in for street based sex workers where you can pop in and have a chat and access the other services we provide below. For further information, please call us 0151 247 6560.

Services we provide on outreach and/or in drop-in:  

  • Free condoms and lubricant
  • Counselling about contraception and pregnancy
  • Help to access sexual health services
  • Assistance in drug and alcohol problems
  • Support for access to health services
  • Support and counselling regarding domestic violence.

To access any of our services or for information and support ring on 0151 247 6560, Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm.

Helpline: 0151 247 6560
Secure Fax: 0151 247 6595
Administration Office: 0151 247 6500

Ugly Mugs campaign

National Ugly Mugs was set up to support you if you're the victim of crime and to assert your right to police protection. We take reports of crime from sex workers and produce warnings so that others can avoid dangerous individuals. If you consent, we will also share the information anonymously with the police. We encourage all sex workers of all gender identities, working in all sectors to become members of the scheme to easily report any crimes or violence against them and receive alerts about potential threats. 

You can report a dangerous offender and complete an ugly mug by simply speaking to the Armistead Street outreach team. Or to become a member and report an incident visit the website: