Urgent alert

Mersey Care’s sexual health services have transferred to Liverpool University Liverpool University Hospitals’ NHS Foundation Trust (LUHFT) from Monday 1 November 2021 as part of a new integrated care model delivered by Axess Sexual Health.

This will include:

  • All services previously delivered through Abacus clinics including emergency contraception, routine and long-acting contraception, sexual health screening, testing and treatments, Liverpool Chlamydia Screening Program, the sexual problems and psychosexual therapy service
  • All services previously delivered through the Armistead Centre including outreach to the LGBT+ community and to street-based sex workers
  • All services previously delivered through So to Speak including sexual health education to young people and professionals and Liverpool C-Card Program 

These services will all remain available via Axess. To access sexual health services in Liverpool, please visit the Axess website or call 0300 323 1300.

CMAGIC and the Trans Support Service will remain with Mersey Care.

In response to coronavirus, this service has made some changes – for updated service information click here.

The So to Speak team are temporarily suspending attending schools and young people’s services to deliver sexual health education sessions.

If you require information regarding services and arranging education and training sessions in the future please call: 0151 247 6500.

If you require contraception, sexual health testing or screening please call the Abacus phone triage service:

Please call the Abacus phone triage service: 0151 247 6555

  • Monday to Friday: 9.30 am to 4.30pm

We work with vulnerable young people aged 13 - 19 and living in Liverpool with the aim of improving their sexual health by increasing their knowledge, confidence and self esteem. We provide a young persons' sexual health outreach service and run group sessions.

Referrals are accepted from agencies who work with groups of young people. We also provide sexual health awareness training for professionals who work with young people and more in-depth support for those that have a responsibility to provide sex and relationship education to young people.

(Referrals are accepted from professionals who work with young people)

Tel: 0151 247 6500