The C-Card/R U READY initiative provides young people in Liverpool with access to free condoms, sexual health information and advice at young people friendly sites. 

How to get involved:

1. Register on to the scheme at either an open access point (for any young people) or a restricted service site (only for young people using that service). This will involve a brief conversation with a trained adviser, a condom teach and a full explanation of how the scheme works. You will then receive a pack containing information, a selection of condoms and lubrication.

2. Using your C-Card to pick up new supplies of condoms and lubrication when you need to. 

Open registration points

Open registration points are accessible to all young people for registration and pick ups.



Food bank for 15 to 25 year olds

MYA, The Door, Hanover Street, L1

Wednesday 1 to 3pm 

Unity Youth 

49 Dove Street, Toxteth, L8

Monday to Friday 7pm to 10 pm 

Walton Youth Project 

Street Project, Alsop School, L4 

Tuesday and Wednesday 6pm to 8pm 

Pick up points only

Pick up only points are for condom collection only, not registration.



The Beat,  Abacus Sexual Health

6 David Lewis Street, Liverpool 1

Monday to Thursday 10 am to 6pm

Friday 10 am to 4pm

Saturday 11 am to 4pm

Sunday 12 noon to 3 pm

Restricted services

A restrictive service point is for registrations and pick up only but only available to young people accessing the service based at the site.


Aims Project

Myerscough College

Armistead Project

Nzuiri House

Brownlow Health – student services

Priority Youth

Chlamydia Screening outreach team

Protect Team

Employability Solutions

Shrewsbury House

Everton Free School

So to Speak

Fairbridge – Princes Trust

Talent Match MYA

Family Nurse Partnership

The Commy, Speke Youth Club

Fire Fit Hub

Walton Youth Project


Young Addaction

Homeground Hostel

Youth Offending Team

Hope University


Central, Bolton St, L3

North Hub, Mab Lane, L14

South Hub, Lyndene Road, L25

Liverpool Community College

Young Person Opportunity Project, Speke

Michael John Hairdressing Academy