Phlebotomy and Blood Sampling

Liverpool Community Phlebotomy Service (blood sampling) - Phased re-opening of clinics following the coronavirus pandemic

Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust has extended the opening times for the Liverpool Phlebotomy Service at Breeze Hill and Kensington Health Centre clinics to 7.00pm.  As part of the Covid -19 service changes, patients require an appointment to attend clinic. Once a request has been made on ICE, patients should be directed to book an appointment via Mersey Care’s Central Management Office: Telephone 0151 295 3400 option 4.

A new drive through phlebotomy service is now available as an extension to the current model and is based at Hunter Street Car Park, L3 8EN (accessible via Cuerden Street). The drive through service provides a safe environment, utilising the patient’s vehicle as both a self contained waiting area and phlebotomy booth, which along with appropriate PPE maintains good infection prevention and control measures and protection for both the patient and phlebotomist. Please note for health and safety reasons the patient must be a passenger in the vehicle and not the driver.

An example of the drive through experience for patients can be seen below:

The opening times for the four clinics in operation are as follows (all are open Monday to Friday):

  • Breeze Hill Medical Centre, 1-3 Rice Lane, L9 1AD, 7am-7pm
  • Kensington Health Centre, Edge Lane, L7 2PF, 7.30am-7pm
  • South Liverpool Treatment Centre, 32 Chruch Road, L19 2LW, 7am-7pm
  • Hunter Street Car Park (drive through), L3 8EN, 10am-4pm.

If a blood test is absolutely required within 24 hours then clinicians will need to escalate this to the service so we can prioritise their test.

GPs will have received instructions to refer patients requiring an urgent blood test within 24 hours.

If you live in Sefton

Sefton services are provided by North West Boroughs Health Care for patients aged 14 and over who are registered with a Sefton GP.

Useful Information

Some questions for people attending the Phlebotomy Service: 





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