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Sefton Provider Alliance’s vision is to work together as one team to provide the best possible services for our communities. From cradle to grave, we will look to improve health and wellbeing and promote greater independence.

Improving health outcomes is a complex challenge which is bigger than any single organisation and therefore requires effective partnership working. We have the potential to be more impactful if we pull in the same direction, work in similar ways and collaborate to provide more holistic support to people in our communities.

The Provider Alliance includes a number of organisations who are involved in joint community service delivery (GPs, social care and the voluntary sector) and pathway partners (acute trusts, out of hours services and care homes) who are linked to or impacted by community services and the way they are delivered. This provider alliance reports to the Sefton Health and Care Transformation Programme Board

The Provider Alliance shares the following principles:

  • We will empower those with long term conditions to take more control of their own health
  • We will provide whole-person care through a biopsychosocial approach
  • We will break down existing barriers between primary, community, hospital, mental health and social care, to create a streamlined experience for patients and avoid duplication
  • We will maximise community assets
  • We will make the health care system simpler, particularly for those with complex needs
  • We will work with secondary care to ensure our patients have access to specialist knowledge in out of hospital settings so that care can be delivered as close to the patient/community as possible.

In 2018/19, the Sefton Provider Alliance will develop a new operational model for care closer to home. Rather than continue to run separate mental health, social care or physical community services, local providers will operate within a ‘One Team’ ethos for out of hospital care, uniting primary care, social care, community physical and mental health services and the voluntary sector. This means that different professionals, teams and organisations will link together and work alongside each other in a seamless way to wrap care around the patient.

Our model of care is based on the theory that we must address people’s dependency on hospital services by changing their passive relationship to services, maximising social support in the community and taking a biopsychosocial approach that addresses people’s needs holistically. This approach will be operationalised through the development of highly effective integrated care teams for populations of 30,000 to 50,000, and reflected in the whole-system redesign of key pathways such as urgent care, the frailty pathway to reduce hospital dependency. We will use system-wide intelligence to support our service redesign and public health intelligence to enable a sustained proactive preventative model in the future.