Service available in:

Who we are

Our School Nursing Service is available to all children and young people aged five to 19 who live in St Helens. 

We offer advice and support on anything to do with to your physical and emotional health, including your sexual health. You can talk to us about health conditions such as asthma, epilepsy or allergies or other concerns like bullying, keeping a healthy weight or emotional worries. 

We are here to deliver the Healthy Child Programme by promoting good health, preventing ill-health and providing services to meet you needs. This includes: 

  • Health reviews in school for all reception and year seven aged children (including height, weight, vision and hearing screening)   
  • Support for immunisation sessions in school
  • Providing health information, support and advice to children, young people and parents/carers around a variety of health and wellbeing issues (including sleep, diet, weight, headlice, bedwetting, behaviour, emotional wellbeing and drugs and alcohol) and onward referral where appropriate
  • Developing healthcare plans for children and young people with ongoing or specific health needs
  • Carry out the National Child Measurement Programme 
  • Promote emotional and mental wellbeing
  • Safeguarding assessments 
  • Looked after children assessments
  • Health assessments for young offenders 
  • Delivering classroom based health education 
  • Promote healthy weight and lifestyles
  • Healthy relationship advice and support
  • Sexual health and contraceptive services – available in some secondary schools offering relationship and contraception advice, pregnancy testing, emergency contraception (morning after pill), condom distribution and chlamydia / gonorrhoea screening
  • Drugs and alcohol advice and referral to specialist service

We deliver care in a variety of settings including mainstream and special schools, alternative education providers, youth offending service, family homes, residential placements and community clinics. 

To find out more about the school nursing team you can speak to your child’s teacher or school staff or speak to any other healthcare professional involved in your family care including your GP. 

Who is our service for?

Our service is for young people from aged five up to the age of 19 who live in St Helens.

We work closely with services including GPs, hospitals, schools and your local community to help you stay healthy and reach your full potential.

Young people are encouraged to talk with their parents/carers about any health issues that are troubling them. Although school nurses offer a confidential service to young people, there are times when they may need to share information.