Patient Safety Partners

  • Helping make sure patient safety is at the forefront of all we do
  • Membership of safety and quality committees
  • Involvement in patient safety improvement projects
  • Working with the Trust Board to consider how to improve safety
  • Involvement in staff patient safety training
  • Participation in investigation oversight groups

front-view-assortment-medical-still-life-elements(1).jpgWe are committed to offering safe services and we need your help! The Patient Safety Partner (PSP) is a new and evolving role developed by NHS England to help improve patient safety across health care in the UK.

Here at Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust we are excited to welcome a team of PSPs to work alongside our staff, patients, service users and families to influence and improve safety within our services. PSPs can be patients, service users, carers, family members or other lay people (including NHS staff from another organisation). This is a great opportunity to share your interests, experiences, and skills to help develop the new PSP role and be a part of our team.

What is the role of a Patient Safety Partner? This is an exciting new role within the NHS and as such we expect that the role will evolve over time. The main purpose of the role is to be a voice for the patients and community who utilise our services and ensure that patient safety is at the forefront of all that we do.  You will need to be able to communicate rational and objective feedback focused on ensuring that patient safety is maintained and improved.

What kinds of projects will I get involved with?


You may attend governance meetings looking at patient safety, risk and quality, be involved with reviewing documentation including policies, investigations and reports.  We would expect that you will be able to listen to and read complex information and provide feedback to ensure that patient safety is our priority.  As the role evolves, we may ask you to participate in the investigation of patient safety events, assist in the implementation of patient safety improvement initiatives and develop patient safety resources.


Will I have any support?


Yes! We will support you in your role and ensure you are provided with the tools and advice you need.  You will be managed by, and work alongside the Patient Safety Specialist for the Trust. They will be able to explain the expectations of the role and provide support required.  You will have regular scheduled reviews with your manager and regular one-to-one sessions with our Patient Safety Specialist.  You will also be part of a team of Patient Safety Partners who will be able to provide peer support to you.


How much will I get paid for this role?


This role will be paid in accordance with the NHS England involvement payment guidance of £150 for 8-10 hours per month plus additional travel expenses as required.


What training will I receive?


You will need to complete mandatory training which includes (amongst other things) general data protection regulations, equality and diversity and safeguarding.  These training sessions will help you in your role and may be useful in other roles you choose to take on. Depending on your current experience and knowledge further training will be provided as required.


What is the time commitment?


At present we are looking for 8 to 10 hours per month.  However, this is negotiable depending on your circumstances and will be discussed and agreed on an individual basis.


How long will I hold this role for?


Your placement as a volunteer Patient Safety Partner will be reviewed after one year. After this review you may continue in this role, step down or may be offered a different placement within the organisation.


Do I need any experience?


Experience is not essential.  However, we ask that you have a genuine desire to support patient safety improvement. We are looking for people who represent the needs and interests of users of our services. You will need an awareness of the experiences and perspectives of our communities. For example, people that find it difficult to access health services because of financial issues, health conditions or accessibility needs.


How will my work help the NHS?


You will be the voice of the public, ensuring that our Trust is focused on patients, service users, carers, families, and prioritising patient safety in all that they do.


Do I have to live locally to Mersey Care?


No, this is not essential.  However, being able to travel to Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust sites regularly will be required for some face-to-face meetings, training and briefings/debriefings.


Who should apply for this role?


First and foremost, you should be interested in supporting patient safety and passionate about helping the NHS. That is the chief purpose of this role.  We are a Disability Confident Leader and recently rated as the most inclusive NHS employer. We encourage applications from everyone, regardless of age, gender, ability, sexuality, ethnicity, or any other protected characteristic. We believe a diversity of voices and experiences will help us to understand and achieve more.


If you require any support with your further interest, please contact