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What is SHOUT?

SHOUT is a chance for young people like you to get involved and make sure your voice is heard, to help improve mental health services in your area. It’s open to anyone age 10 to 17 who would like to make a difference to young people's mental health services locally. 

We have SHOUT groups running in each of the four areas where we provide mental health services for young people:

  • Halton
  • Knowsley

  • St Helens

  • Warrington

If you join SHOUT you will have lots of opportunities to get involved, including:

  • Training: You'll be able to support the design and delivery of staff training. You'll also be able to complete courses yourself, such as interview and presentation skills

  • Local fixes: You can get involved with local charities and organisations, such as helping to plan events in your local area

  • Service developments: You can get involved with service developments, such as helping to design and improve how services are delivered

  • Raising awareness and breaking down stigma: You'll play a key role in raising awareness and breaking down stigma around mental health within your local community, and in promoting wellness and recovery within children and young people's mental health services.


  • Make new friends and build your confidence

  • Get involved with planning events

  • Access free training, including first aid and interview training 

  • All travel expenses for attending events and meetings paid back to you

  • Build your portfolio - volunteering will help you stand out on job, college and university applications

  • Play a key role in helping us improve our services for young people, now and in the future.

If you'd like to get involved with one of our SHOUT groups, contact our Involvement Scheme team on 01925 664 057 or you can fill in this short form. Someone from the team will be able to put you in touch with your local SHOUT group lead and give you more information about joining.

All SHOUT members will be asked to get their parents or carers to sign a consent form when they join. This is just so we know they are aware of what you've signed up to and are happy for you get involved with the group. 


You said We did
Request from young people to receive badges as NHS Volunteers for their contribution to development of services and SHOUT group membership Badges to be issued by Engagement team for all young people with participation network (provides access to NHS discounts etc)
Some young people commented that groups, especially online, aren't a comfortable environment to provide feedback, and would prefer to do this 1 to 1 1 to 1 feedback collected throughout journey with services. Mental Health Support Teams (MHST) in schools collecting at initial assessment and upon discharge

Friend and Family test shared by all teams
Young people that attended a face to face school event in Warrington stated they preferred to engage in this way rather than via the monthly Zoom Shout Group Further events to be arranged throughout October and November in schools covered by MHST (40 in total). Approach to be shared at next Participation Network Meeting 12/10/2021 - to be explored in other boroughs 
Feedback from children and young people in  Warrington following training delivered by MHST - "I would like to know more about physical health" Liaise with physical health services for relevant information and leaflets
We would like paper cups in receptions as it is better for the environment We have changed our cups to cardboard. Thank you for raising this as we know how important our environment is. During COVID, we did have to use plastic again due to supply issues however we hope to continue to use cardboard cups
The parking in Knowsley is awful We are sorry that you find the parking difficult. Whiston is a very busy hospital and as we rent the property we don’t have allocated parking.
We encourage parents and carers to leave additional time for locating a parking space due to this difficulty. Please accept our apologies
When can we have face to face appointments again? As a trust we have followed Government guidelines and trust guidelines regarding appointments and did move to mostly virtual appointments during the peak of COVID. Moving forward we are pleased to advise that we will be offering more choice in how appointments are held, eg. if you want face to face or virtual
CAMHS Waiting Area needs redecorating, looks outdated, not an inviting space The area was redecorated following consultation with children and young people
Webpage and resources are very clinical and less inclusive We're working with our communciations team and young people to make sure our webpage meets their needs
Waiting areas can feel very clinical and unfriendly. A more welcoming environment would reduce anxiety We have recently refurbished CAMHS waiting areas in St Helens and Knowsley with input from young people. They are also helping us to design positive message posters to be displayed 
St Helens feedback: engagement sessions would be better at children's centres after school rather than online or in school  Sessions arranged for 4:15pm at Children's Centres.
Children and young people in other boroughs will be consulted on their preferences

Your voice matters. Join SHOUT today!