Pregnancy and becoming a parent can a very emotional and overwhelming time for most. For some, it may feel more complicated, and you or others may notice a change in how you are coping. Its normal to feel worried and low at times, but usually this resolves. We know 20% / 1 in 5 birthing people develop perinatal mental illness in the UK. 

For some parents, feeling unable to cope with emotions may persist and this may effect many aspects of your life. Experiencing overwhelming emotions is really hard and can become even harder when you are trying to manage your own emotions and the responsibility and wellbeing of a new baby.  

The Perinatal Positivity Video is an animation which shows the difference experiences of some people journeys with the voices of people that have lived the challenges: it can also be viewed in different languages.   

Cardiff and Vale Perinatal Community Mental Health Service and Cardiff University have developed and helpful workbook which explores managing and coping with trauma and emotions in pregnancy and after having a baby. There could be new ways of coping or thinking for parents.

The Royal College of Psychoatrists have useful information leaflets and reading on mental health in pregnancy. 

Cheshire and Mersey Specialist Perinatal Service support and help people with complex trauma and managing emotions and distress.