Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust has teams of advanced clinicians working in the community who can respond within two hours if someone’s health or wellbeing suddenly deteriorates at home, which will avoid the need for an ambulance and prevent hospital admissions.

Our advanced nurses and therapists can provide assessment, treatment, support and a two hour rapid response for Knowsley via the  Integrated Frailty Team for registered patients who are aged 18 and over and at risk of a hospital admission.

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What is the 2-hour Urgent Community Response (UCR) team?

  • UCR is a team of health and social care professionals who help to maintain people at home – preventing avoidable hospital visits and stays – and to assist people returning home from hospital who need extra support
  • We provide urgent two-hour assessment and support within 48 hours for a short time, to help people recover quickly and keep their independence
  • UCR works closely with ambulance services, GP practices, mental health and other hospital and community services, as well as social care and voluntary sector organisations.

Who do we support?

People eligible for the service need to be:

  • Aged 18 years or over and registered with a GP practice in Cheshire and Merseyside
  • Living in Cheshire and Merseyside – whether independently, residential or care home
  • At risk of hospital attendance or admission
  • Has a clinical presentation that is able to be treated or cared for in a community setting
  • In a crisis situation and needing assessment or intervention within two hours to avoid hospital admission.

What are the typical conditions suitable for a two-hour response?

They include but are not limited to:

  • Falls
  • Decompensation of frailty
  • Reduced function/reduced mobility
  • Urgent equipment provision
  • Confusion/delirium, acute worsening of dementia and/or delirium
  • Urgent catheter care
  • Urgent support for diabetes
  • Urgent support for respiratory conditions
  • Unpaid carer breakdown which if not resolved will result in a health care crisis for the person they care for.

What hours does the service operate?

The service is available 365 days a year, 8am to 8pm (including bank holidays).

How do health professionals refer into the service?

UCR takes referrals from any health or social care professional including NHS 111 and the ambulance service.

An assessment will be completed, and a clinical record opened ahead of the patient being assigned to a service practitioner.

To request support, call: 0300 323 0240 and select option 1.

What happens after referral?

On referral to the service, a clinical triage will be undertaken over the telephone and an assessment will be arranged by an appropriate professional, such as a nurse, occupational therapist or physiotherapist within two hours as required. They will then formulate a treatment plan for the patient.

Who can refer into the service?

2-hour UCR takes referrals from any health or social care professional, including NHS 111 and the ambulance service.

What are the benefits of using the 2-hour UCR service?

  • To remain at home when things start to get difficult
  • Recover after a fall, accident, acute illness or operation that would otherwise put them at risk of going into hospital
  • Reduce the risk of being admitted to hospital
  • Return home more quickly after a hospital stay.


In addition, 2-hour UCR reduces pressure on urgent and emergency care services and wider NHS by preventing avoidable admissions to hospital and emergency department attendances.