The below guidance relates to adult Speech and Language Therapy in Knowsley, only.

Referrals for dysphagia (eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties) are made using the team referral form and are accepted from GP's consultants, other health professionals and nursing homes that have been trained by the service and are sent electronically to the admin hub or St Helen’s GP:

Referrals for inpatients in Knowsley, St Helens, and Runcorn are made internally using the RIO system to PH In-Reach HUB - Adult SLT

Referrals from health professionals for communication, voice and stammering can also be made using the team referral form and are accepted by any health professional.

For referrals for voice problems the patient must have seen an ENT doctor within the last six months.

For other AHPs or Community Nurses, Internal referrals can be made via RIO to Adult SLT Triage.

Any referrals added directly to a SLT list e.g Communication St Helen’s, will be missed.