'Mersey Cares' is the dedicated charity for the Trust. We help our specialist mental health and community services by delivering projects not normally available within NHS funding.

Set up in 2020 following the incredible challenges and unprecedented demands on our health services during the COVID-19 pandemic, Mersey Cares now plays a vital and growing role in working alongside the Trust to serve the health needs of our communities; and help people keep well and living well at home for longer. 

We want everyone in our communities to have good health and we plan to tackle the social and structural barriers that can get in the way.

1. We want ZERO suicides and are supporting the education and awareness surrounding mental health and suicide prevention to empower change within our communities.

2. We want equal health and a life beyond services and are supporting innovative social support and recovery programmes to address social inequality and further increase confidence, skills and connection to all.

3. We want to enhance support for our carers and develop services that can help improve the emotional and physical wellbeing of carers within our communities.

4. We want to reduce the pressure on NHS staff and further provide an enhanced support offer to staff and volunteers who are struggling with their mental health, wellbeing and/or financial hardship.

Monies donated to the charity will NOT be used towards usual NHS purchases, but for facilities, activities and developments that can support better care for patients outside of the NHS' scope.

We work alongside our staff to prioritise where funds are needed most – this allows us to introduce innovative community projects, provide advanced medical equipment and help patients, staff and their families at times of serious financial hardship.

The charity has funded 16 ‘good ideas’ through a Dragon's Den project launched within our wards, including:

  • The introduction of a monthly support group specifically for service users with Young Onset Dementia
  • Dedicated social inclusion programmes with badminton trial sessions and outdoor table tennis
  • Enabled interactive workshops to create space for children and young people to write about their experiences after COVID-19
  • Funding the production of a short, educational film on how to talk to someone contemplating suicide
  • Further funded innovative training modules to aid patient-staff communication
  • Purchasing comfort books and audio-visual materials to help children explore sensitive issues
  • Implemented sensory gardens and sensory rooms across the Trust to benefit our patients.

We value each and every contribution to Mersey Care’s fundraising efforts to enable us to meet our objectives and do more. Donations can be provided direct within wards or at the Mersey Cares Charity.

Host your own fundraiser or donate directly

You also can arrange your own fundraising event such as a cake bake sale, a race or a challenge within your school or organisation or you can take part in one of our upcoming challenge events to raise funds.

We have a small team who can help you with your fundraising idea and can provide you with your own fundraising pack.

You can also register your own fundraiser or donate to the charity.

More information about the charity, their aims and ambitions and current and future projects can be found on their official website.