For most parents, having a baby is a huge transition for families. Being responsible for a vulnerable baby can feel understandably overwhelming and frightening at times.

Every day, we have many thoughts and feelings and its completely normal to experience thoughts or feelings that are unwanted and frightening.

For some, these unwanted and/or scary thoughts can create understandable anxiety and lead to ways of coping which may not be helpful to the parent and/or the baby. There is lots of ways to help manage these thoughts and support parents and babies to make sense of what is happening to them. “

There is lots of further information, videos of lived experience and resources:

Royal College of Psychiatrists have useful information leaflets on perinatal OCD for parents and families to find out more about the condition and challenges.

Cheshire and Mersey Specialist Perinatal Service support and help people with perinatal OCD and perinatal frightening thoughts and distress.

Coming soon: Resource booklet for supporting professionals working with people with perinatal frightening thoughts / Perinatal OCD.

Resources: and