Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust is committed to low carbon, sustainable healthcare. We recognise the relationship between our impact on the environment and the impact of climate change on public health and the services we provide.

As a large organisation within our communities, the Trust has a responsibility to undertake the actions and investments needed to provide sustainable healthcare, both now and in the future. 

The Trust is taking action to respond to the ‘Delivering a Net Zero National Health Service’ report, as well as the Greener NHS Campaign, launched in 2020. As part of our journey to net zero and further sustainability, we have finalised our Green Plan and it includes a timeline of tailored actions to complete over the next 3 years to align with Greener NHS guidance.

The priorities of  NHS Cheshire and Merseyside ICS Green Plan will also reflected in the new plan, with a focus on improving our working environment through greenspaces, sustainability awareness, greener care practices, and resource efficiency. 

Overall, our Green Plan aims to:

  • Reduce our carbon emissions
  • Improve resource efficiency and reduce waste
  • Improve our workplaces
  • Prepare for our future with climate change.

Developing and implementing this 3 year strategy will help the Trust keep on track to hit local and national targets and work towards our overarching target of net zero carbon by 2045.

You can see our Green Plan for 2022 to 2025 in the attached document.

Look out for our Sustainability Events and Workshops to get involved with our Green Plan.