In line with our Trust values, we wish to develop and promote a culture of dignity, respect and inclusion for all.  We have several different staff networks established that meet regularly to support, promote and advance equality in the workplace.

Ability First Staff Network

Ability First.pngThe Ability First network is dedicated to promoting equality for people with a disability working within the Trust.

That can be a physical disability or hidden disabilities such as mental health. The network aims to actively influence Trust strategies that will or may impact on disabled employees.


Multi-Ethnic Colleagues Network (MECN)


The Multi-Ethnic Colleagues Network (MECN) exists to create a supportive working environment and policy framework for multi-ethnic colleagues while also encouraging all staff within the trust to understand the needs of multi-ethnic individuals within the community.

Its aims include working with the Trust to promote equality of opportunity and highlight the needs and inequalities that influence service delivery. 


Dyslexia and Dyspraxia Staff Network

Dyslexia and Dyspraxia.pngMersey Care is playing its part in fostering an environment where people with neurodiversity are empowered to play to their considerable strengths. This group aims to explore the benefits of neurodiversity to make ourselves more accessible and better informed.

Any staff member who has dyslexia or dyspraxia or has colleagues or family who need advice or support in these areas is welcome.



LGBT+ Staff Network

LGBT network.png

The Trust aims to work in partnership with the LGBT+ network to create a safe, inclusive and diverse working environment that encourages respect and equality for all.

Membership is open to all Trust employees including students and volunteers who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans or those with a positive interest in driving forward diversity and inclusion in the Trust.

More information about how Mersey Care support transgender (trans) patients and staff can be found on a separate webpage.


Women’s Staff Network

Women’s Staff Network.png

The network aims to provide a voice for those issues important to female staff and through collective action, highlight the significance and value of having a gender equal working environment that recognises and promotes women’s issues.

The network is for everyone, and we are interested in getting views from women of all ages, cultures and experiences about what you think is important.