Mersey Care has teams of advanced clinicians working in the community who can respond within two hours if someone’s health or wellbeing suddenly deteriorates at home, which will avoid the need for an ambulance and prevent hospital admissions.

Our advanced nurses and therapists can provide assessment, treatment, support and a two hour rapid response for registered patients who are aged 18 and over and at risk of a hospital admission.

The service is led by community matrons with advanced skills in supporting patients in crisis and is supported by nursing staff, therapists and other professionals.


A person should receive a community NHS two hour response if the following characteristics are present:

  • The person is experiencing a crisis which can be defined as a sudden deterioration in their health and wellbeing
  • The crisis may have been caused by a stressor event which has led to an exacerbation of an existing condition or the onset of a new condition or significant deterioration in clinical state or baseline functioning
  • This health or social care need requires urgent treatment or support within two hours and can be safely delivered in the home setting.

The crisis may be due to:

A clinical condition such as a new or acute problem (such as an infection) or an exacerbation of a chronic condition, where the condition can be safely treated out of hospital, but its functional consequences may mean that the individual is at risk of hospital admission.

Serious illness where treatment at home is in keeping with the person’s wishes as part of a pre-agreed treatment escalation plan, such as A patient in receipt of palliative care who may in a crisis wish to be treated at home or usual place of residence as part of a pre-agreed treatment escalation plan rather than be admitted to hospital.

A social crisis such as a breakdown of unpaid carer arrangements which causes an immediate health risk to an individual, e.g. if their main carer is admitted to hospital or if carer stress is causing a breakdown in ability to provide safe health and care support.


All referrals into the service will be made by your GP. However, you can call NHS 111 or contact your community nursing team to request a referral to 2 hour Urgent Community Response (UCR) for support.

Health professionals can also visit our GP and referrers section for more details. Select the relevant borough for latest information.