Date published: 12 April 2022

Data up to the end of March 2022 highlighted the positive and significant impact of Mersey Care’s Winter Plan. Across the different schemes implemented, the number of potential bed days saved was over 46,000, 22% more than originally planned.

Winter March 2022 corrected.png

The opening of more beds earlier than originally planned in Longmoor House and a significant increase in the productivity of Telehealth services, with new services being developed in response to COVID-19, were all contributory factors in the positive results being recorded.

Services such as Pulsed Oximtery@Home and the Covid Virtual Ward have resulted in higher flow of patients and although there may be less patients on the caseload at any one point in time, the number of potential admissions prevented has been significantly higher.

To put into context, the overall number of bed days saved is equivalent to 219 beds provided for within the community – 40 more than the original plan.

This year’s winter plan was also supported by a marketing and communications campaign: