By asking for support you have already taken a step towards recovery. Everybody is different. Our hopes and goals are different, so your recovery plan will be as individual as you.

We can help you work out your plan, not just with your treatment but with everything you need for your journey to recovery.

It could be really simple – helping you get back to college or work, sort out money issues or find people who share your interests. 

Your recovery plan – it’s also sometimes called a care plan – will look at your needs, your hopes and your strengths; what you want to happen.

It will help you stay safe, help you achieve your goals and give you advice on what to do if things go wrong.

You can ask anyone you want to be involved in your plan – your family, friends or anyone else you choose. Letting them know what you want will help them to help you.

  • include up to date information about you
  • be produced with you, in your words, avoiding professional jargon
  • clearly state your goals or aspirations, written in your own words
  • show your goals and the steps needed to achieve them
  • have clear instructions for you and your family on what to do  in a crisis
  • have clear instructions for our staff for what to do in case of a crisis.