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As part of our winter health campaign, Liverpool Live Radio are promoting messages every day for 16 weeks across Merseyside. The ad is now live and you can listen to it here.  

There will also be guest speakers from across the Trust sharing useful information on a variety of topics. After each interview the audio will be added below:


Job title

Subject topic

Interview date

Audio/video file

Liam Stowell Clinical Team Manager How to access mental health support 17 January 2022 Link to video
Daniel Melling  Lifestyle Improvement Facilitator Tips on how to stay fit and healthy during winter 6 January 2022 Link to audio

Sian O’Dell

Nutrition & Dietetics

How to eat well over winter

23 December 2021

Link to audio

For further information and to access a range of resources to help people cope with the extra demands of winter, visit: