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Who we are​

Our Falls and Wellbeing Service is based at the Centre for Independent Living in Knowsley. 

We are a team of experienced nurses who work with older people in the local community to help improve strength, balance, mobility and confidence. Our aim is to help you to stay mobile and independent both at home and when you are out and about.

Our team carries out assessments of people who may be at risk of falling or would like to minimise their risk of falling. Someone may be a risk of falling for a number of reasons, for example, if they have a health problem like low blood pressure or diabetes, mobility problems or if they have had a recent trip or fall.

Once we have carried out your assessment, we can then give you advice and signpost you to other local services for aids, adaptations and other support to improve your confidence and quality of life, and help you stay independent. 

Our Postural Stability Programme

We also run a successful Postural Stability Programme in the local community, which can help to improve your balance, strength, confidence, independence and overall quality of life.

If you are age 55 or over and would like to feel more confident and stable when doing everyday things like leaning, standing up, stretching, bending, crouching or walking, call us today on 0151 244 3362 to find out how to join, or watch our short video below to find out more about the programme:

Our service is available to anyone age 55 and over who is registered with a Knowsley GP or lives in Knowsley.

Your first assessment appointment will take place in your own home with one of our specialist falls assessors and will usually last between one and two hours.

Your assessor will look at different aspects of your physical health, any medication you're taking and your current mobility to help us get a full picture of anything that could be putting you at risk of falling. They will also carry out a risk assessment of your home, looking at potential hazards or areas where aids or adaptations could help you to stay independent.

Most of the time, you will only need one visit from us but sometimes, if we order equipment for you we may need to return to check it's meeting your needs.

Three months after your assessment, we may also contact you to check you are happy with what we have done following your first visit and to make sure any other services we referred to have been in touch with you.

If we think other services may be able to help too, we can refer you to local support services like chair-based exercise and activity groups, community equipment and the Aids and Adaptations Service.

We accept self-referrals from people age 55 and over who live in Knowsley or are registered with a Knowsley GP, as well as referrals from carers and family members, as long as the person you are referring gives their consent.

To self-refer, contact the service directly on 0151 244 3362 or via email at