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Who we are​

The Falls and Fracture Prevention Service is based at the Centre for Independent Living in Knowsley. 

We are a team of experienced nurses, a physiotherapist and a pharmacist. Our aim is to work with people in the local community to minimise the risk of fractures or falling, improve confidence and mobility, and promote independence and active ageing.

Our team carries out risk assessments that follow national NICE guidance of people who have fallen or fractured, maybe at risk of falling, or are identified as having medical problems that may lead to an increased risk of falls or fracture

There are lots of reasons that people may fall, and we try to identify all of the contributing factors and agree a plan of care with you to address these risks. Not all falls risks will be reversible and so we will look at the best way to help manage your risks.

Once we have completed your assessment, we then work with other services including your GP, specialist medical clinics and equipment services to support you to potentially reduce your future risks.

The falls assessor may refer you to our dedicated physiotherapist or exercise lead who will provide an assessment of your current balance and gait and provide a personalised plan to help you reduce your future falls risk. This may include referral onwards to other services and exercise groups available in the local community to help you maximise and maintain the benefits from your falls assessment.

Our service is available to anyone aged 55 and over who is registered with a Knowsley GP or lives in Knowsley.

Your first assessment will take place in one of our community based clinics with one of our specialist falls assessors and will usually last around one hour. A family member, carer or friend is welcome to accompany you to this appointment, and a wheelchair is available on arrival if you need one.

The community clinic approach is very important to us as this allows us to keep waiting times for assessments as short as possible. Home appointments are available should this be required, providing you meet our criteria ie. housebound patients.

During your appointment an assessor will look at different aspects of your physical health, any medication you're taking and your current mobility to help us identify what could be putting you at risk of falling.

Following this it may be necessary to complete a further assessment at your home to review your environment, this helps us to identify potential hazards or areas where aids or adaptations are needed.

We will review your personalised plan after three months.

Review process

It is very important to us that we are delivering a service that is the best it can be for you. To do this we will review your personalised plan following your initial assessment:

  1. Two week review: this may be a review appointment with a clinician or a phone call or letter
  2. Six week review: will be done via a letter to make sure all agreed actions from your initial assessment are on track and offer an opportunity to discuss any issues
  3. 12 weeks: will be either in clinic or at home with a clinician and will review your initial assessment and personalised plan and will help us make sure your plan is effective
  4. Some patients may also have further reviews at six months and 12 months.

We welcome any feedback from our service users and are happy to provide feedback forms for you to complete at any point in your engagement with the service.

We accept referrals from people aged 55 and over who live in Knowsley or are registered with a Knowsley GP.

This can be a self referral, as well as referrals from carers and family members, providing the person you are referring has given their consent.

To self refer, contact the service directly on 0151 351 8730​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ or via email at 

Download the referral form.