Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust is committed to meeting the Equality Act 2010 duties and the development of a Human Rights Based Approach across the services it provides and to the support it provides to the staff it employs.

The Trust has also been committed to completing the NHS Equality Delivery System (EDS) to assist in identifying Equality Objectives and support developments across the Trust to meet those Objectives. 

Setting the objectives

The objectives are set by using the EDS 2 Goals:

  • Better health outcomes
  • Improved patient access and experience
  • A representative and supported workforce
  • Inclusive Leadership.

Consideration has been given to the previous year’s objectives and outcomes and this is then used in the Equality and Human Rights Action plan along with other quality contracts such as the Quality Account. Feedback from Staff Networks is also used in determining the Equality Objectives.

The aim of the Equality Objectives

By using the Equality data collected from the previous Equality Objectives the Trust aims to identify how by use of further Equality Objectives and Equality and Human Rights Action Plan experiences by service users and staff are improved in relation to protected characteristics.

Improving service user experience, improving Board analysis of equality information, inclusion of Equality and human rights into Trust strategy, service developments and equality analysis has been agreed to ensure that equality and human rights are at the heart of the Trust internal processes to ensure they continue to be fundamental to its work. They have been set within a time frame to enable clear goals which can be both evaluated and developed alongside the EDS2 process.

Interim EDS2 assessment for Mersey Care  

Click here to view the outcome of the interim EDS2 grading assessment for Mersey Care 2020.  The grades were discussed and agreed at the Equality & Inclusion meeting with key stakeholders.