Date published: 9 June 2021

We’re excited to say that our offer has been rolled out to all local authority commissioned social care providers at some of the region’s busiest care homes.

CMRH people.jpgThe aim of the hub is to ensure staff have access to the right support, wellbeing resources and psychological help to get them through. We are here for anyone in the region who feels that their wellbeing has been impacted by COVID-19. We are a team of psychologists, therapists, pathways coordinators and support staff. Visit our website to see what we provide:

It’s full to the brim with self care and self help resources, free wellbeing apps, and coping advice compiled by experienced clinical psychologists. There are dedicated sections for front line workers, managers, people recovering from COVID-19, bereavement support and support for people in ethnic communities.

We offer self referral (on the website) to a confidential psychological assessment from our staff, followed by a tailored support package that meets staff’s needs, be that information and advice, signposting or in-house psychological help, where this is not available locally.

We understand that times are challenging at the moment, and we want our colleagues to know that help is at hand. Resilience is strength. Let us help you find yours.