Publish date: 16 August 2021

From Tuesday 31 August 2021, our Knowsley Children’s Care Admin Hub will be the new central point of contact for the following children’s services in Knowsley:

*These services already use this telephone number.


The updated contacts are: 

Don’t forget to update your contacts with the new number!


What the Children’s Care Admin Hub offers?

The central Children’s Care Admin Hub offers an improved experience for people who use our services and via our hub you will be able to:

  • Book and rearrange appointments
  • Book you child’s health assessments
  • Contact your Health Visiting Team for advice
  • Contact your School Health Team for advice
  • Ask about child health services available locally to you
  • Find out more about local antenatal and maternal health support
  • Make Children’s Therapies Team enquiries
  • Find out about your local baby clubs

If you have a child or children under the care of more than one of these services, you’ll be able to coordinate and make enquires all with just one call.