Date published: 10 May 2021

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I thought I’d start this week’s blog by explaining to our new readers from Southport and Formby community health services and North West Boroughs Healthcare about my weekly blog. I write this every week as an opportunity to address news, strategy and share positives.

I’m aware my audience is intended to be staff first, but reaching out to patients and stakeholders, who are incredibly busy people, is also a key objective of the blog. Our responsibilities, in wards, in clinics, in communities, give us precious little time for anything but the most important messages.

It’s important, though, for me to remind you we’re all part of a wide network, joining up care across an increasingly large geographical footprint. As Mersey Care itself expands, we need to know we’re all vital linkages between the physical and mental health needs of over 11 million people.

I always think it’s time well spent to connect to that network, to keep up to date with the organisation as a whole and, when it allows us, to learn and become aware of the opportunities and services available. Mersey Care is an organisation with excellent resources for staff – training, career development, mainstays like occupational health to more informal, empowering gatherings and activities.

We have networks and staff groups which champion protected characteristics, the needs of those with intellectual diversity and even give staff the chance for a short, free, weekly mindfulness class. This blog often touches on their work, as well as offering what I know is a useful introduction to our main strategic concerns – our plans for Perfect Care, our zero ambitions, our restorative just culture and our expectations for what social and health care will be in the future as the new Government White Paper describes.

We’re also making connectivity even more effective. A new look website (see below) and extranet will be launched on 1 June, which include clearer pages for the public to find the services they need in their area, using a more accessible and modern template.