Your occupational therapist may have directed you to the resources on this webpage to support yours or your child's needs. 

Sensory strategies and advice for babies 

For children under two years old, we have the following advice leaflet, to support parents with ideas to support sensory development. Download the sensory strategies and advice for babies booklet.

Sensory seedling programme (age two to 11)

Children over two years old or in primary education will need to complete the seedlings programme, this is a pre-referral to our Sunflower parents sensory training. Download the sensory seedlings programme for age two to 11. 

Sensory seedling programme (high school age)

Our sensory seedlings programme for high school aged children and teenagers offers advice and a simple programme to follow before referring for sensory processing difficulties. Download the sensory seedling programme for high school age young people and teenagers

Your physiotherapist may have directed you to this webpage to access leaflets relating to yours or your child's physiotherapy needs. 

Toe walking leaflet

This leaflet explains tip toe walking, some causes and shares exercises and advice to work on changing your child's walking pattern. Download the toe walking leaflet here

Sever's disease (heel pain)

This leaflet shared information and advice about Sever's disease (heel pain) which can be in one or both heels. This leaflet explains what Severs disease is and shares ways to manage the symptoms. Download the Sever's leaflet here. 

Osgood Schlatters disease (knee pain)

This leaflet gives advice Osgood Schlatters (knee pain), can be in one or both knees. This leaflet explains ways to help manage the symptoms. Download the Osgood Schlatters disease leaflet here. 

Awake time ideas

This leaflet gives practical advice to help you support your infant's early motor development. It is beneficial for infants born prematurely or infants born at term but displaying signs of developmental delay. Download the awake time ideas leaflet here.

Flat feet in children

This leaflet gives advice on what flat feet are, what can cause it and if treatment is needed. It is for parents who are concerned about their child's flat feet. Download the flat feet in children leaflet here. 


This leaflet gives advice on what a head preference and plagiocephaly is (altered head shape, favouring one side). It shares practical advice for parents to help prevent it and prevent it from worsening. Download the plagiocephaly leaflet here.

In-toe walking gait

This leaflet shares advice and information about what in-toe walking is and the causes of it. It also shares practical advice for helping your child if they in-toe when walking. Download the intoeing gait leaflet here.

Physical development - lying to sitting 

This leaflet gives practical advice on how to promote and encourage your child in their development of posture and movement. It is for parents who want to help their child develop well and progress from lying down to sitting. Download the physical development lying to sitting leaflet here.

Symptomatic hypermobility 

This leaflet gives advice about what hypermobility is, what symptoms to look out for and practical ways to help your child if they are symptomatic. It is for parents who are concerned about their child. Download the symptomatic hypermobility leaflet here. 

The tutorial videos on the activities of daily living resources page have been developed to support you or your child with some of the activities we carry out as part of daily living.The advice in the videos is not intended to replace specialist or individualised advice given by your occupational therapist.If you're having difficulty with auditory sensitivity, try the tutorials with no background music to help your child concentrate and have no distraction.

We have video tutorials for:
  • Tying shoe laces
  • Cutlery skills
  • Hand, finger and forearm strengthening exercises