On the page you can meet some of our volunteers and find out about what drives them to volunteer at our trust.


Waffa said, "I became a volunteer five years ago and previous to that I was in hospital a few times due to my mental health issues. Then in 2017, I became a volunteer at Mersey Care and I knew I’d be good at various roles, it’s just that I had to build up confidence and try reduce my shyness around people.

Becoming a volunteer helped me in many ways, it gave me something to focus on and I’d always look forward to doing the various things I became involved in. Most importantly, the most rewarding part is that I’d be helping others and that fuelled my passion and enthusiasm. I was progressing and learning throughout. Sharing my own story and lived experiences to bring about understanding to others. Within my roles, I love working with professionals / clinicians, as my input and insight is welcomed by them, as it gives them insight from another point of view. Being a volunteer has helped me focus, while helping others in any way I can.”

Stuart-Volunteers-week-2022.pngStuart said, "One of the areas that I've most enjoyed whilst volunteering is being involved on the interview panels. I think it's important how Mersey Care have understood the importance of service users having a valid and meaningful input into how services are structured and implemented. Also how service users are involved in the process of appointing people who are charged with providing these services. I really enjoy being able to work alongside the wonderful people providing and delivering the services.

For me this is a really positive point, having staff who understand the importance of working collaboratively with those accessing services.

I can remember being really nervous the first time I was on an interview panel, I didn't really know what to expect. I have to say I was more than pleasantly surprised both with my own ability to contribute and also with how the Mersey care staff on the panel went out of their way to ensure not only that I felt welcomed but that my views and opinions were important and listened to. I can honestly say, I came away feeling that I had contributed to the interview and appointment process which in turn has only strengthened my belief that Mersey care are committed to working alongside service users and providing long lasting and effective mental health care services."

Scott said, "During my time as a ward manager I feel that volunteers are an integral part of the team and brought an enthusiasm and a real sense of purpose to their relationships with vulnerable people at a really critical time of their lives.

The additional contribution to ward activities certainly makes service users days, much brighter. The upbeat and positive nature of their relationships with service users always gave me a sense of an enhanced atmosphere of optimism and hope.

It’s wonderful to see people progress in their personal and professional lives following a period of volunteering with us. It is really essential that we bring more people into the fold to maintain and develop this fantastic role. From my perspective you just couldn’t get enough of this sort of committed contribution to the recovery journey – I always felt it would be a better day when we had volunteer support.

Martin-Volunteer.pngMartin said, "What do I like about being a Volunteer?  There are many things that come to mind. I like meeting and talking to people and also listening to what they have to say.

If they are lonely they don’t want to listen to me chattering on. Lots of people have a story or a memory they want to tell you.

It’s good to help people in many different ways. It’s also a good experience for me, because I believe you never stop learning."