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​Who we are

Our Care Home Liaison Team specialises in meeting the needs of older adults with memory problems and dementia, working within care homes across Halton.

The team provides fast, proactive and responsive support to care homes to help them better meet the needs of their residents with mental illness and dementia to help reduce the need for hospital admissions.

This includes carrying our mental health and memory assessment for residents, advising on the best type of treatment for the individual and advising staff on managing the symptoms and behaviours people with mental illness and memory problems like dementia may experience.

We also provide training and education for care home staff to provide them with the skills and knowledge to provide effective care for residents with mental illness and memory problems.

We accept referrals for people living in residential care and nursing homes across Runcorn and Widnes who have mental health problems and memory problems like dementia.

We work closely with other local services and professionals such as GPs, district nurses, community matrons and social workers to promote proactive, joined-up care for people with mental illness and memory problems living in residential care.

We accept referrals from GP's or other health care professionals. For advice on making a referral to our service, please contact us using the phone number on the right of this page.