Service available in:

​Who we are

Our community matrons support people living with long term conditions by providing a range of nursing services in patients own homes.

Staff help to promote a quick recovery from an episode of illness due to long term conditions and a return to stable health and maximum independence.

The team aims to:

  • Help patients and carers to manage their own conditions better and help enable patients to remain in their own homes
  • Help prevent unnecessary admissions to hospital and long term care
  • Help reduce length of stay of necessary hospital admissions
  • Integrate all elements of care, improve patients' quality of life and ability to function
  • Improve end of life care
  • Identify and address issues across health and social care and other providers using a co-ordinated approach to prevent duplication and omission
  • Monitor and review
  • All patients are assessed, monitored and reviewed in their homes

Who is our service for?

Our service is available for patients registered with a Knowsley GP aged 16 and over who have:

  • A diagnosis of a long term condition, for example heart disease, respiratory disease or diabetes
  • Complex health and social care needs
  • Palliative care needs

How to access our service

You can be referred to the service by your GP or other healthcare professional.