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Our service promotes continence and supports people who have continence problems relating to their bladder or bowels. 

Bladder and bowel continence problems are very common but they can still cause embarrassment and affect quality of life.

Continence problems can include: 

  • Passing urine when you laugh, sneeze or cough
  • Not being able to ignore a sudden urge to pass urine
  • Waking up often in the night to pass urine
  • Having a condition or disability which stops you being able to remove your clothes quickly or get to the toilet in time
  • Difficulty controlling bowel movements.

Our friendly, professional team of trained specialists in continence promotion and incontinence management provide assessments, treatment, management plans and advice.

Our service is available to anyone who is registered with a Knowsley GP and is having difficulties with bladder and bowel symptoms. We also offer support and advice for relatives or carers of people with continence problems.

We work closely with GPs, consultants, district nurses, stoma nurses and other healthcare teams involved in our patients' care.

Our children's continence team works closely with GPs, school nurses, health visitors, schools and nurseries.
We also work closely with physiotherapists and occupational therapists, social workers and other specialist healthcare professionals to provide care to meet the needs of our patients.

We accept referrals from anyone living in Knowsley or registered with a Knowsley GP. If you'd like to be referred to our service, make an appointment to see your GP or speak to your district nurse or health visitor.

We also accept self referrals from patients and carers. If you'd like to self refer or you'd like more information about the service, just call the team on the telephone number listed under 'Contact us'. 

At your appointment we will carry out an assessment to find out more about your continence needs. This information will be used to develop a care plan for you to follow.

Part of the assessment may involve a bladder scan, urine testing and a clinical examination if required.
Depending on the outcome of the assessment, we may need to refer you to other local services that can help.

Our service is delivered at home, in nursing and residential homes, at schools, nurseries and children's centres and at clinics across Knowsley.