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Who we are

The Integrated Community Reablement and Assessment Service (ICRAS) is a 24 hours a day, seven days per week service consisting of general medical practitioners, advanced practitioners, pharmacists, nursing staff, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, social workers, podiatrists, dietitians, assistant practitioners, and health care assistants. 

What we do

The multidisciplinary team work together to manage the care of:

  • People in the community requiring support of an urgent nature and who are at risk of imminent hospital admission
  • Those transferring from a hospital environment and require additional support.

ICRAS provides high quality, culturally sensitive, nursing and therapy treatment or interventions for people in their permanent or temporary place of residence (hub rehabilitation units). Our multidisciplinary team approach is to support discharges and prevent avoidable hospital admissions, ensuring we work with existing social care providers and other agencies.

Within the ICRAS service we have inpatient Intermediate Care beds (Hub Rehabilitation Units across Liverpool), as well as community services across Liverpool and South Sefton. Through early intervention, we are able to reduce the incidence of hospital readmission providing an evidence based approach to clinical practice and improved patient care.

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Our teams




South Liverpool Neighbourhood Nursing



23 Goodlass Road,
Business First Building (second floor)
L24 9HJ



0151 247 6740

Central Liverpool Neighbourhood Nursing

Advanced Clinical Practitioners


Central and South Liverpool Urgent Therapy Team

Social Work

0151 295 3902

City wide Coordinators

Old Swan Walk In Centre (first floor). Crystal Close, L13 2GA

V7 Building, Kings Business Park, Prescott, L34 1PJ

0151 247 6740

ICRAS Admin and Transfer of Care Hub


South Sefton Neighbourhood Nursing

Litherland Town Hall Walk In Centre

Hatton Hill Road

L21 9JN

0151 475 4204

North Liverpool Neighbourhood Nursing

0151 247 6072
North Liverpool and South Sefton Urgent Therapy Team 0151 247 6126