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Whilst the response to Covid-19 is requiring us all to reduce social contact, we are aware that some pupils or parents may still have other concerns that they would like to speak to a School Nurse about. The School Nurses are still available and can be contacted using the e-mail addresses below:
North Huyton:
Manor Farm:

Who we are

We are here to give advice and support on your physical and emotional health, including sexual health. Children, parents and carers can talk to us about health conditions such as asthma, epilepsy or allergies or other concerns like bullying, keeping a healthy weight or emotional worries. The following services are available to all children and young people in Knowsley.

  • Health checks at various points during time at school
  • Weekly confidential sessions at the Knowsley Centres for Learning and monthly sessions at primary schools for children and young people, so they can talk to one of our school nurses about any physical or emotional health concerns they may have
  • Sexual health and contraceptive services are available at drop-ins and in some schools, for young people up to the age of 19. This includes providing the emergency hormonal contraception (morning after pill), pregnancy testing, condom distribution, and chlamydia / gonorrhoea screening
  • Support for parents and carers about behaviour management and sleep
  • Healthy relationship advice and support
  • Bedwetting advice and support
  • Drugs and alcohol advice and referral to specialist service
  • Support for the immunisation programmes in school
  • Give advice and support on health issues to children and young people with ongoing or specific health needs
  • Carry out the National Child Measurement Programme
  • Promote emotional and mental wellbeing
  • Promote healthy weight and lifestyles

Our service is for young people up to the age of 19 and their parents in Knowsley. 

How to access our service

  • Speak to your child's teacher or school staff for details of primary school drop-in sessions
  • Speak to any other healthcare professional involved in your family care
  • Speak to your GP
  • Contact us directly on the number lists.

We have a number of teams covering different schools across Knowsley. You can view which schools each team covers below and find out how to contact them in the 'contact us' section.

Our Halewood team covers:

  • Halewood Academy
  • Halewood Church of England Primary School
  • Finchwood Academy
  • Holy Family Catholic Primary School 
  • Plantation Primary School
  • St Andrew the Apostle Catholic Primary School
  • St Mark's Catholic Primary School
  • Yew Tree Community Primary School

Our Manor Farm team covers:

  • Blacklow Brow Primary School
  • Huyton with Roby Primary School
  • Lord Derby Academy
  • Malvern Primary School
  • Mosscroft Primary School
  • St Aloysius Catholic Primary School
  • St Annes Catholic Primary School
  • St Gabriel's Church of England Primary School
  • St Margaret Mary's Catholic Infant School
  • Sylvester Primary School

Our North Huyton team covers:

  • Meadow Park School
  • The Altbridge School
  • Hope School
  • Knowsley Lane Primary School
  • Knowsley Central School
  • Park View Primary School
  • St Brigid's Catholic Primary School
  • Roby Park Primary School
  • St Joseph's Catholic Primary School
  • St Albert's Catholic Primary School
  • Stockbridge Village Primary School
  • St Aidan's Catholic Primary School
  • St Columbas Catholic Primary School

Our Kirkby team covers:

  • Eastcroft Park Primary School
  • Kirkby High School
  • Northwood Community Primary School
  • Ravenscroft County Primary School
  • St Maries Catholic Primary School
  • St Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School
  • Westvale Primary School
  • All Saints Catholic High School
  • Kirkby Church of England Primary School
  • Millbrook Community Primary School
  • Park Brow Primary School
  • St Joseph the Worker Primary School
  • St Laurences Catholic Primary School
  • St Michael and All Angels Catholic Primary School

Our Whiston team covers:

  • Cronton Church of England Primary School
  • Evelyn Community Primary School
  • Holy Family Catholic Primary School (Cronton)
  • Knowsley Village Primary School
  • Prescot Primary School
  • Halsnead Community Primary School
  • Our Lady's Catholic Primary School
  • St Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic High School
  • St Luke's the Evangelist Primary School
  • St Leo's and Southmead Catholic Primary School
  • St John Fisher Catholic Primary School
  • St Mary and St Paul's Church of England Primary School
  • The Prescot School
  • Whiston Willis Primary School