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Who we are

Our Tissue Viability Service work closely with other healthcare professionals to provide advice and support for people with non-healing or slow to heal wounds.

Our service is for adults in Knowsley with non-healing wounds or wounds that are healing slowly.

Our service works closely with Knowsley district nurses on home visits, in clinics and in residential and care home settings. 

One of our tissue viability nurses will see you along with the healthcare professional caring for you on an ongoing basis, such as your district nurse. We will ask you questions about your wound, other health issues you might have and any medication you are taking.

We will talk to you about how you can care for your wound and help it to heal. You will also be able to ask us any questions you might have.

After your assessment, a treatment plan will be drawn up and shared with your healthcare professional, who will then carry out your care.

We accept referrals from healthcare professionals on behalf of a patient. If you are not receiving care from a healthcare professional, you can contact us directly to find out more.

If you have a wound that needs care and attention, this will generally be provided by another health professional such as a district nurse, or the nurse at your doctor's surgery. Speak to your GP or contact us directly if you're unsure whether we can help. 

Further information and advice is also available on NHS Pressure Ulcer page.