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Who are we

The service is divided into two key areas:

  • pre-school,
  • school age.

For pre-school children and their families, the health visitors offer an enhanced home visiting programme to parents aged 19 and under who are pregnant with their first baby and parents who are over 19 years old with their first baby and who have an identified vulnerability.

For school aged children we offer health assessments for those children and young people who are referred to the pupil referral unit, children who are receiving elective home education, including the gypsy/traveller population, and identified young people aged 16 to 19 years who are not in education employment or training and have not attended school or college in Sefton.   

We can provide emotional health and wellbeing, mental health and behaviour advice, support and intervention to children, young people and their families.

We work with the local authority including education, family hubs, statutory and voluntary services, midwives and CAMHS.

We work with the local authority including education, children's centres, statutory and voluntary services, midwives, CAMHS, health visitors and school nurses.

Health Visitors will identify anyone on their caseload who meets the enhanced criteria and offer the enhanced pathway to them.

Other professionals who identify a family who meet the enhanced criteria, are welcome to contact the relevant health visiting team to discuss.

School aged children will be referred through the local authority or other professionals.