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Who we are

We are team of healthcare professionals (doctors, specialist nurses and specialist therapists) who work locally in hospitals, hospices and in the community. Together, we’re called the Integrated Mersey Palliative Care Team. We’ll use our different areas of expertise to support you as well as we can.

IMPaCT is a partnership between Marie Curie Hospice (Liverpool), Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust, Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Woodlands Hospice.

What we do

The IMPaCT service can help you and your carer with:

  • Expert advice about managing your condition – including difficult symptoms
  • Making sure your quality of life is as good as it possibly can be planning for your future healthcare needs.

When you call us between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday, you’ll speak to one of our team of senior healthcare professionals who will:

  • Give you advice and support
  • Arrange for a healthcare professional to assess you, if needed
  • Contact other services which may be able to help you.


Please contact the hub which responded to your call:

IMPaCT Hub South

Marie Curie Hospice, Liverpool
Liverpool L25 8QA

IMPaCT Hub North

Woodlands Hospice
Longmoor Lane
Liverpool L9 7LA